Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Ark Of The Witch - The Novella

And that's a wrap on the novella, Ark Of The Witch. Currently you can find it here on smashwords: Now for some much needed sleep! Well, a few hours anyway, my website is atrocious right now so please bear with me. We're currently on the last lap of post production for the feature, Ark Of The Witch, starring Tiffany Shepis by the way. And, I should be posting some American tour dates for my favorite Finnish band, Gjallarhorn!


Ark Of The Witch, is a contemporary dark fantasy that bridges the modern world with the ancient underworld of Finland, Tuonela.


Ailing from a bitter divorce settlement, the foreclosure on his home, and the loss of his job, Karl's just received the break he's been waiting for. He's inherited the family farm in northern Michigan, but first he must confront an ex-business partner in an attempt to cover up his misappropriations and the shoddy business practices that have come back to haunt him.

In the sleepy town of Toivola, Michigan, Karl's brief respite is soon shattered by the dire need of his cousin, Maki, and a menacing town sheriff. Resigned to his fate, Karl leaves nothing to chance, save but one tiny heirloom that has beset his family for generations.

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